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Welcome to the Home of DR. SEC!
What started as a common sense sports blog, has turned into something far greater than I could have ever imagined. I launched Dr. SEC in 2010 because mainstream media had become thoroughly indoctrinated with the same three story lines. These media outlets were boring, predictable and lacking truth.

I decided I was going to write a blog that was based on fact, not on how many subscribers it could net me. My following begin to flourish in 2010 when I correctly predicted the winner of 94% of all games played with SEC teams involved (As I have every season after as well).

That summer I begin doing interviews as a guest on a handful of radio stations across the Southeast.  By the following season, I was offered my own radio show. Fast forward to 2016 and my show has aired on 22 radio stations across seven states.

I have learned that outside of sports, I am not very good at predicting the future. However, I can tell you no matter how far the Dr. SEC reach expands, you're one of the main reasons for our success.